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Houses of Parliament

Today pupils across the academy visited the Houses of Parliament. More information and pictures to follow.

Picture 1


A letter from a pupil about the trip to London.


On Thursday, 5 people from year 5 and six were chosen after having to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Brunt telling her to let us go to London! We were on the coach for three hours before we got to London. As soon as we got there, everyone took photos of big ben and the London eye. As we past the park we sat down to have our lunch. After we were finished, we all took photos of Buckingham Palace and the Queens guards. Just then, it was time for a tour around the houses of parliament! We saw everything like the Throne and where people give letters to the MPs and where the different sides argue about things about the country. There was also a room that had many paintings about battles and wars in the past. Then it was time to go and when we left, everyone took photos of the River Thames. Now all we had to do was find the coach and it could have been anywhere. On the three hour ride home there were many things to take photos of but everyone's camera's batteries had gone flat so there was no point of trying. So far that was probably everyone's favourite trip ever!


And that was the trip to London!!