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Parents' Forum

St. Clement's Parent Forum was established in May 2007.    


It represents a working party of parents across school so that our parents/carers have a voice in sharing St Clement’s areas of strength and also areas for development.


Protocol of the Parent Forum

The role of the Parent Forum is consultative and advisory. The Governing Body and headteacher remains the decision maker of the school and provides strategic leadership.

The Parent Forum is also not the channel for individual complaints and issues. It is a forum for whole school/year group issues to be addressed based on the needs of all children, parents and the school.


Parent Forum’s Vision

To foster close communication among parents, pupils and the school to continue to raise standards and encourage parents to participate fully in the development of the school.


Over the past years the Parent Forum has worked alongside the school on many topics, such as:


  • Homework

  • School premises

  • School photographs, and much, much more!

    Please have a look at Parent Forum Updates on the newsletter and website.


How to Get Involved?

If you would like to comment on any of the topics reported on in the Parent Forum, or raise new points for the following meeting, then you can either:


  • Complete a Parent Forum Feedback Form and place in the Parent Forum feedback box in the school entrance hall.

  • Email Mrs Long at

  • Talk to a representative of Parent Forum.

    It is import to discuss areas of strength as well as making suggestions for improvements as the school also needs to reflect on what is working well.


Attending Meetings

Currently Parent Forum has a parent representative from each year group who meet every half term to discuss different topics. The date and time of the next meeting is always advertised on the Parent Forum Board on the playground and newsletter.


Current Members of St Clement’s Parent Forum



Emma Gregory

Pre School

Lisa McKillop


Christie Gunter

Year 1

Heather Lavelle

Year 2

Elaine Chapman

Year 3

Clare Sweatman

Year 4

Fiona Ferguson- Lynn

Year 5

Claire Jones

Year 6


A Parent Forum Member's View


First thing in the morning and later in the afternoon, parents naturally like to talk with one another about their children and the school they attend.  It’s a great way to find out how your child’s experience compares with others and whether or not you are pleased about the way the school is being run.  “What I think they should do.....” is a phrase I often hear as the start of an idea a parent has regarding a change they feel would benefit the school.  The problem is that the idea is rarely presented to the people who have the authority to make that change. This may be because the perception is teachers are busy and they think the suggestion wouldn’t be listened to, or it may even appear to criticise a teacher or the way the staff are working. It is very understandable that discussing issues with teachers or the Head can appear to be difficult.

So what can you do? Well, every class has a Parents’ Forum member that you can approach to discuss your situation. You can remain anonymous and your issue will be discussed with the people who can make changes.  We have lists of examples where the school has moved forward due to both the pro-active attitude of Parents’ Forum and the staff listening. There is simply no point in complaining to each other and expecting changes to be made.  Be part of driving St. Clement’s forward by making your voice heard, not in groups on the playground, but through the meetings where action is taken.

And finally…… Please don’t forget the importance of positive feedback which is such a huge encouragement to all school staff and also to us, the Parent Forum members. Encouraging words go a long way and our hard working staff need to hear them!

Names and photographs of the Parents’ Forum representatives can be found in the Parents Forum Board on the play ground or you can ask at reception.  If you are unable to talk to your representative, there is also a box for written suggestions in the entrance hall -  just put the class number on the front.

Remember, change IS possible when you talk to the right people!

Parent Forum Feedback Form