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Peer Mediators

St Clements Peer Mediation


Peer Mediation was set up in St Clements for pupils in Year 6 to help resolve conflict, with the younger children, in the playground using mediation.


Any child from Year 6 can apply to be a Peer Mediator and undertake training, by a designated member of staff, on how to resolve conflicts. 


Peer Mediators work in pairs, on a rota basis, at lunchtimes and they wear bright tabards so children with problems can spot them easily. The children involved with the conflict are then taken to a quiet room where each child is given time to talk about the problem and the Peer Mediators help them find a resolution. If the mediators feel at any time they are not able to deal with the conflict then the Peer Mediators will get help from a member of staff.


All Peer Mediators take their role very seriously, thoroughly enjoy their role and gain valuable life skills from it.