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Children's Roles and Responsibilities

St Clement's School Council

Every class elects one member to represent the class on the school council. The school council usually meets regularly to discuss events and new ideas within school, however this year we will we communicating through memo's and possibly some virtual meetings.  The outcomes of the meetings are shared with the class and a newsletter is produced recording the discussion and projects that the Council are working on.


2020 - 2021 School Council Representatives 


EYFS- Emily R

Year 1 - Molly B

Year 2 - Jack W

Year 3 -Jude

Year 4 - Stanley 

Year 5 -  

Year 6 - Herbie 

Reading Ambassadors


Reading Ambassadors are not currently taking place due to cross contamination of bubbles


A select number of Year 6 children can apply each year to be Reading Ambassadors. They volunteer their lunchtime to sit alongside a focus child within Key Stage 1 and act as a reading 'buddy'. Each child gets the opportunity to practise their phonics with some fun flashcards, read a book appropriate to their stage and enjoy a story time with their older peer.

The children love the opportunity to work alongside each other and the progress is phenomenal.


"I love watching how quickly they progress each day!" Max, Year 6

"I've made a little friend. Everyday they catch me at playtime and ask if they can read to me at lunch, they've even started reading more at home." Rihanna, Year 6.

Reading Ambassadors

Play Leaders


Play Leaders are not currently taking place due to staggered playtimes in line with Covid-19 Procedures


Children within year 5 get the opportunity to apply to be a play leader. They are trained by Mrs Wells to organise a range of playtime games to younger children to help enhance their play within school time.

Children are really receptive to being led by their peers and learn a variety of games whilst developing their skills in teamwork and co-operation. 

Peer Mediators


Peer mediation is currently not taking place due to staggered breaktimes in line with Covid-19 procedures.


Peer Mediation was set up in St Clements for pupils in Year 6 to help resolve conflict, with the younger children, in the playground using mediation.


Any child from Year 6 can apply to be a Peer Mediator and undertake training, by a designated member of staff, on how to resolve conflicts. 


Peer Mediators work in pairs, on a rota basis, at lunchtimes and they wear bright tabards so children with problems can spot them easily. The children involved with the conflict are then taken to a quiet room where each child is given time to talk about the problem and the Peer Mediators help them find a resolution. If the mediators feel at any time they are not able to deal with the conflict then the Peer Mediators will get help from a member of staff.


All Peer Mediators take their role very seriously, thoroughly enjoy their role and gain valuable life skills from it.