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School Improvement Board

St Clement's CofE School Improvement Board


The School Improvement Members (formerly referred to as Governors) of St. Clement’s CofE Primary School bring expertise from all areas of the community, not just education.  They meet on a regular basis  to provide challenge and support to the Head of School, drawing on their knowledge and experience. 


They monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budgets and staffing, report on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations.  They ask the searching questions that need to be asked of an outstanding school whilst respecting the position of the Head of School.


How are School Improvement Board Members chosen?

Parent School Improvement Members are elected by the parents of the children currently at the school and staff School Improvement Members are elected by the school staff.  Community School Improvement Members are appointed by the SIB board.  It is the intention that each School Improvement Member initially serve for a period of four years which can be extended by re-election or re-appointment.


Whenever a vacancy for a parent School Improvement Member arises, all parents are notified and nominations are invited.  We currently have a full board of members.


What do School Improvement Board Members do?


School Improvement Board Members are there to make sure the school is being run well and that the learning experience the school offers remains a positive one with continuously improving standards. School Improvement Board Members are at the centre of all the major decisions that need to be taken about the school and its future.


What does it take to be a School Improvement Board Member?


School Improvement Board Members do not need any special qualifications. They just need enthusiasm, commitment, and an interest in contributing to the school.  School Improvement Board Members attend a full governing body meeting 5 times a year, but may also sit on smaller committees to look at specific areas of school life. Additionally School Improvement Board Members need to be committed and available to engage with school by monitoring and evaluating areas of the school improvement plan and other aspects of school life.

School Improvement Board Terms of Reference