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St Clement's Church

Parish Boundry

St Clement's Church


The Parish of St Clement currently forms the northern part of Worcester on the west side of the river and can be visualised as follows:

Stand on the river bridge in Hylton Road, proceed along the river bank, northerly, to Martley Road, travel down the middle of Martley Road. Past Tescos to the Laugherne Brook. Follow the course of the brook, past the Coppertops Public House, to the railway line which crosses Bromyard Road, close to the where the Kays building used to stand, now follow the railway line towards the city, past the cemetery (which is in the parish) to the level crossing in Henwick Road (virtually outside the door). Continue along Henwick Road on the church side to the Bull Ring across to Bromwich Lane, across Bromwich Road down Slingpool Walk to the river, passing the County Cricket Ground on your left (which is in the parish) turn left at the river and return to the River Bridge. You will have walked the bounds of the parish.