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Collective Worship

Long term Worship Plan 2021 - 2022

Worship Leaders

At St Clement's we have a fantastic team of worship leaders that help with the planning and delivery of collective worship throughout the year.  Our worship leaders apply for the role at the beginning of each year and are appointed by the children in their class to carry out important tasks and roles within the spiritual life of the school.  They bring us together in prayer; they help to plan collective worship; and support adults and children in school.

The worship team meet at least once a month and the meetings are led by Mrs Atkinson who is the Worship Team Leader.

Nuts about nature - Harvest Festival 2021

On Thursday 14th October St Clement's Worship Leaders worked together to deliver a remote Harvest Festival to the whole school.  They shared the story of the "Brazil nut" and its connections to the Amazon Rainforest.  The children considered the delicate balance of nature in God's beautiful world and passed on the message to the school, of how we need to look after our world and the world that God created.

Together the team wrote a prayer and chose the hymns/ songs which each phase learnt.  Whilst we were unable to deliver our worship in church the children did a great job and are looking forward to helping with worship as we move through the year.  The theme of our Harvest festival picked up both the No poverty - SDG1, Zero hunger - SDG 2 and Climate action - SDG 13, which the children have been introduced to earlier in the year.