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Who's Who

CEO- Matt Meckin


Chair of Trustees - Mr Andy Jobbins


Miss R Mclean- Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead and PE lead


Mrs S Pemberton - Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, LAC/PLAC lead, EYFS lead, joint Phonics lead & Maths lead

Mrs M Mason - Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, LAC/PLAC lead, joint Phonics lead, RE lead and English lead, ECT mentor

Mrs A Wilkinson - Assistant Headteacher, SENDCO, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, joint Science lead and Year 1 class Teacher


Mrs J Jones  - Reception Class Teacher, History lead, Geography lead


Mrs A Wilkinson - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J Little - Year 1 teacher (2 days)


Miss K Bushill - Year 2 Teacher, DT lead


Miss R Slocombe - Year 3 Teacher, Music lead and PSHE lead


Miss F Williams - Year 4 Teacher


Miss L Sidaway- Year 5 Teacher, Art lead


Mr R Burford - Year 6 Teacher, Computing lead and joint Science lead


Mrs J Little - PPA cover

Mrs A Wong - PPA Teacher

Teaching Assistants Team:
Mr P Bradshaw, Mrs C Brookes, Mr M Evans,  Mrs A Thomas, Mrs J Wells, Mr J Gregory, Miss N Rossi, Mrs N Bhogal, Miss L Shipp and Miss N Davies

School Office Team:
Office Manager - Mrs R Bishop

Admin Assistant - Ms B Gray


Lunchtime Team:

Mr M Evans, Mrs M Johnson, Mrs A Thomas, Mrs J Wells, Mrs L Jones, Mr P Bradshaw,

Mrs C Brookes and Mr J Gregory, Miss N Rossi, Mrs N Bhogal. 


WAC Team:

Mrs R James

Mrs L Jones


Cleaning Team:

 Mrs T Preen, Mrs M Heywood, Mrs N Lane , Mrs S Ruff and Mrs Rachel Webster


Caretaker: Mr J Rodgers