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Children at St Clement’s are exposed to Geography from an early age. We understand the importance of building foundations of ‘the way of the world’ in preschool and reception and developing this knowledge throughout their journey at St Clement’s. We aim to build strong foundations for children to want to enquire about the world in which we live and develop their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding. Our aim is that children leave with a secure understanding of Geography as they transition into high school.



At St Clement’s, we offer the children opportunities for deep thinking through geographical enquiry. Children are encouraged to research, question and justify in their work. Lessons encourage children to use geographical skills that they are taught and apply them in a range of contexts. Children are engaged and enthusiastic when undertaking fieldwork and practical elements of Geography. We aim to utilise our local geography and teach children in a meaningful approach. A progressive approach to the curriculum allows skills to be utilised and knowledge to be strengthened as children progress through the years.



A progressive approach that is tailored to the needs of the children, enables them to see the real aspects of human and physical geography. Children gain a broad knowledge of their own geographical area along with a wider understanding of the world. Children are therefore more engaged with the learning and can develop deeper thinking skills. Practical lessons encourage engagement from children which impacts on their overall perception of Geography. A vibrant and exciting Geography curriculum allows children to retain knowledge throughout the year groups and as a result, builds on their skills and knowledge.


Year 3 investigating the migration of the humpback whale and in human geography we looked at their migratory journey and compared this with the shad fish up the River Severn. A wonderful visit from the Severn Rivers Trust.