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Global Neighbours

At St Clements, we are developing children to be global citizens. On one hand, our world is full of wonder and the possibilities and opportunities afforded by technology are endless. On the other, it is marked by division, extreme inequality, injustice, and poverty, conflict and environmental crises.

Our curriculum provides a much-needed safe space and structure in which children can begin to make sense of the world they are encountering and explore their place within it. They can also nurture the values, attitudes, understanding and skills they will need if they are to realise their hopes and aspirations for a more just and sustainable world in which we live well together, at local, national and global levels.

Through a rich curriculum based on the Sustainability Development Goals as well as daily collective worships, linked to worldwide events, our children are learning to ‘Think Global and Act Local.’



Within our Harvest celebrations, the children reflected through meaningful prayer and made pledges of support at a local level. All families contributed food goods, which were then donated to the Worcester food bank. We have also raised awareness of food waste within school and have introduced a new recycling scheme and compost bin to prevent food waste for the future.

Christian Aid Visit

Christian Aid came to visit our school in March. The whole school had a collective worship and then KS2 explored workshops on reducing poverty. It really supported our understanding of how we can reduce poverty and how if we 'Think Global' we can 'Act local'.