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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) at St Clement's Primary School – Subject Overview


In KS2 children are taught French for half an hour a week with other languages explored toward the end of the Summer term.


At the beginning of Year 3 children are introduced to French and commence their journey in building on their understanding of French orally, in speaking French, and in writing basic phrases and questions. The topics covered over the course of this year include; Greetings,  Colours,  Numbers, and asking and responding to How are you? What's your name? and How old are you?


In Year 4 the topics covered are;  Days of the week,  Months of the year, and building on the child’s oral abilities through asking; When is your birthday? What is the date today? Do you have a pet? and How many brothers and sisters do you have?


By Year 5 the children learn to count further on in French and investigate France as a country, its towns and the typical buildings in a French town. They will begin to ask for directions and talk about the weather along with naming places in school and classroom objects.


In their final year at St Clement's, we look at shopping and eating out, starting to develop questioning skills. Increasing their knowledge of the French culture, food, drink and ice creams are topics covered along with establishing  more personal information such as describing what people are wearing,  and what likes and dislikes each other has in terms of hobbies and school subjects.


Although not formally assessed it is hoped all children attain expected targets for their year group in listening, speaking, reading and writing French.  From being able to respond briefly with single words to what they see and hear, children soon progress to being able to describe people, places and objects.  By the end of Year 6, pupils should be able to take part in simple structured conversations, speaking with increasing confidence, and write a short paragraph on a familiar topic using their acquired knowledge of grammar.


Visual and interactive resources are used to teach French at St Clement's, along with songs and games such as French Boules.  French cooking, cheese tasting and art add to the enjoyment of the lessons.  The main French celebrations and festivals are covered and similarities and differences between our cultures investigated.


Year 6 pupils' are given a brief introduction to Spanish with German being planned for this year.  

MFL at St Clement's provides our pupils with solid foundations for their language classes at high school.