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At St Clement’s, our curriculum intends to enable our mathematicians to solve it, explain it, draw it, correct it, prove it and story it. We believe this is vital to ensure children have a love for maths, a thirst for challenge, the courage to make mistakes and believe in themselves to reach their potential. We want our children to have a positive attitude towards maths and to be successful, resilient and confident with a range of mathematical ideas and concepts. We value the importance of mathematical discussion and vocabulary, allowing all children to build connections with maths in lessons and maths in the real world.



A ‘mastery’ approach has been implemented at St Clement’s C of E Primary School for the planning, delivery and engagement with mathematics. As a school, we follow the White Rose scheme of learning, using small steps planning and a range of high-quality resources to support both the planning and delivery of lessons. These units enable us to ‘linger longer’ on topics, ensuring a deeper level of understanding. In maths lessons, we implement the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach to introducing, exploring and applying mathematical concepts.

Our lesson structure for the whole school begins with ‘Discover’, where children work together on a problem-solving task. We then ‘Share’ what we have learnt and discovered together before applying skills learnt and ‘Thinking Together’ to solve more questions. In ‘Independent Practise’, children then complete fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions. Opportunities are given to enable children to Solve it (answer questions using taught skills), Explain it (verbalise the answer and justify it), Draw it (represent the answer pictorially), Correct it (spot mistakes and explain how to correct them), Prove it (show how or why) and Story it (create a worded problem for the calculation or concept).

Maths is accessible to all and all children and adults in school are encouraged to believe in themselves as mathematicians, embracing challenge and ‘celebrating mistakes’, with an understanding that this is how we learn. Children have opportunities to deepen their learning in all lessons and misconceptions are addressed within lessons or during a ‘Keep up’ session before the next lesson. Relationships between teachers and pupils and peers are an important part of life at St Clement’s, developing a love of learning and confident, resilient and hardworking children.              

To further supplement the curriculum, we have daily maths fluency sessions, where we revisit key curriculum concepts. This allows for greater connectivity between different areas of mathematics and develops efficient and effective recall. Children from Year 2 to Year 6 also use 'Times Table Rock Stars' daily in class and for extra practise at home.

We also provide opportunities for children to use their mathematical skills across the wider curriculum. This can occur in a variety of ways and in a number of subjects, but there are chances for children to show that they have fully understood a concept by using it in a different context.



The exploration of mathematics is challenging, interactive and engaging, ensuring all children will make progress. Children use a variety of CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) techniques to explore mathematical concepts and answer questions. Children will have a deeper understanding of concepts and ideas and will be able to articulate and explain these in greater detail. This is due to the structure of lessons, the high-quality resources used for planning, the quality of teacher’s questioning and high expectations of staff in lessons. Children will be engaged in maths lessons, welcoming challenge, celebrating mistakes and believing in themselves and each other.