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It is our aim that children at St Clement’s are exposed to a high-quality level of Physical Education. We aim to give children the opportunity to progress their skills in PE along with an in-depth understanding of how they can keep their minds and bodies healthy through physical exercise and self-care. Children are encouraged to participate in a range of demanding activities that help develop the skills needed in PE subject areas. Children are encouraged in a safe, stimulating, challenging and active environment.



At St Clement’s, we offer the children opportunities to compete in competitive and non-competitive sport – encouraging them to always try to improve in their personal goals. This is done through high quality teaching and effective coaching strategies. We ensure children have the equipment needed to practice sports specific and to develop gross motor skills and fundamental movement. Teachers are supported by SLT to develop CPD and design quality lessons where children feel engaged and challenged. We offer many extra-curricular opportunities through links which have been developed with the local clubs (Worcester warriors and Worcester cricket club).



PE plays an important role in children’s physical and mental well-being. At St Clement’s, children have a firm understanding of how exercise impacts their lives. Children develop confidence through challenging situations and transfer fundamental skills to a range of different sporting context. Sports coaches are utilised to support staff and improve children’s skills in afterschool sessions. This encourages children to want to participate in lesson and join after school clubs. It also ensures that every child is given the opportunity to excel in a sports specific environment. Children leave St Clement’s with a solid understanding of how exercise impacts their everyday life and encourages them to apply the skills they have learnt in wider context as they move into high school.