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Our children in their Preschool year will wear a St Clements Preschool polo shirt and sweatshirt. These are purchased through the school office.

Please send your child to Preschool in practical clothes that do not restrict their play in any way.

We do use aprons but sometimes they are not enough and clothes may become marked. 

We ask that each child has a named pair of wellies that can be left in the setting.

Please ensure all clothes and shoes are clearly named.

On a daily basis your child will need to bring: A named bag containing spare clothes including a full set of spare clothes, including socks and pants.

Appropriate named coat for the weather.

Their nursery book bag containing their sharing book that will be provided by the nursery when your child starts.

If your child is toilet training please supply plenty of changes of clothes! 


Children do not need to be potty trained to attend Preschool, but we do ask that parents send children with their own nappies and wipes, in a named bag. 



The Preschool has a healthy eating policy. 

All children will be offered a choice of milk or water in the morning and afternoon, with a healthy snack such as toast, fruit, cereal, raw vegetables and dips. We will taste different foods, and cook a variety of dishes, so it is very important that parents inform us of any allergies their child may have. If your child has a food allergy please advise the Preschool Manager and this information will be recorded on a Health Care Plan.

There is no extra charge for daily snack.



 We believe that teaching children about healthy eating and promoting a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Those children staying for lunch club should bring a packed lunch, which should include a drink - all in named containers.  We encourage healthy eating and ask you not to include fizzy drinks, sweets or solid chocolate bars of any kind in your child’s lunch box. We are also nut free.

There is the opportunity for the children to have a hot school dinner within the Preschool if you wish. School meals are ordered half termly and payment must be made direct to the caterer. A sample menu can be seen on the website.


Preschool Book Bag

When your child starts Pre-School they will be given their own Pre School book bag and asked to choose a sharing book to take home and share with you. They are sent home to encourage your child to enjoy sharing a story with you. Each time your child brings their book back to the Pre-School they will be encouraged to choose a new book to share.



Please use your best judgement to decide whether children are fit for Preschool.  

If your child is in any way unwell, please do not let them attend Preschool.  Children can’t play when they are ill and germs are spread very easily. If your child is unwell whilst at Preschool,  staff will offer the child the appropriate care and a phone call will be made to the parent/ carer or emergency contact to ask for the child to be collected and taken home. The Pre-School appreciates that this can sometimes cause disruption for parents/carers but would ask them to collect their child or arrange for them to be collected by another party at the first available opportunity. In the event that it is a different person collecting the child parents/carers must inform the school office. Please keep us informed of any changes to emergency contact details, including changes of phone number.  



Short Term Medicines: We are only permitted to administer medications that have been prescribed by a UK doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist. Any medication brought into Pre-School must be in its original packaging. The pharmacy label displaying the child’s name and details of dosage and instructions must be visible. Parents/ carers will be asked to complete a short term medication form stating the above details along with their signature giving staff their full permission to administer the medication to their child. Parents/ carers must hand the medication to a staff member so that the relevant paper work can be completed and the medication can then be stored in accordance with the instructions on the packaging and most importantly be out of sight and reach of children. Please also advise us if your child has been given any medications at home and at what time.

Long Term Medicines: If your child requires long term medication such as inhalers for asthma, you will need to provide the Pre-School with an inhaler and Aero chamber which can stay at the Pre-School. You will be asked to fill out a health care plan for your child including key information and describing symptoms, dosage and a basic plan of action. You will then be asked to sign the plan along with all staff members at Pre-School.



Unfortunately accidents do sometimes happen even though we put measures in place to prevent them. All accidents are recorded in our accident book, which parents are required to sign at the end of the school day. We keep parents fully informed of any injuries.



Whilst we don't always see as much sunshine as we would like, your child’s health and wellbeing are very important to us. Please send your child into Pre-School with a named sun hat so that we can ensure safety in the sun. A longer lasting sun cream should be applied by parent/carers before your child arrives at Pre-School. Staff are not permitted to apply sun cream during the day. Longer lasting sun creams can be sourced in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Please do not send your child in crocs, sandals or flip flops as these can prove problematic and unsafe when the children are being very active running and climbing and can sometimes cause accidents.


Safeguarding Children

Our prime concern is of course, the safety of the children in our care. 

We therefore ask that no-one other than staff take photographs within the setting, and that no mobile ‘phones are used except in the office area.



Dropping off and picking up

Access to the pre-school entrance is located at the front of school, at the side of the Teaching Academy. At the end of the blue railings there is a gate and Preschool is through this gate. This gate will be opened to parents at 8.40am, 11.45am, 12.30pm and 3.20pm.  Once the gate is opened, the path will lead you into the Preschool garden.  A member of staff will be at the door to greet your child and ensure that no child wanders back out through the gate. Once all parents have left, the gate is locked.  When collecting their children, parents need to wait outside the same gate and the gate will be unlocked by a member of staff.

Please ensure you are on time for Preschool as children who are late have to access the setting through school and this will mean a member of staff is leaving the setting to meet the child.

This process is important for the security of the children. 

***When bringing your child to Pre-School we ask that you do not park in the school car park. This is for staff only.***


Change of details

Please inform us of any change of address or any other information relating to your child. We text and email regularly, so it is very important we have correct details at all times.



First and foremost, it is important to keep in touch and communication must always be a two way process.  We are all involved in the development of your child, and staff are always keen to discuss concerns with you.  We believe in working closely with parents and carers to build up good relationships with families and bridging the gap between Pre-School and home. It can be very busy first thing, so we would ask that if you have something you would like to pass onto staff, that you email   

Twice a year you will be invited to sign up for a Parent’s Evening with your child’s key person and we strongly advise you to attend these meetings as they are a really lovely opportunity for your child’s key person to discuss their progress with you and for you to voice any concerns or questions you may also have. These are confidential meetings which enables us to discuss your child’s development both at home and at Preschool.

Once your child has started at Preschool, you will be given a login to Seesaw, which is an interactive tool we use to show our child’s activities throughout the day. You are also able to post photos from home.

 Whilst your child attends St Clements Pre-School Nursery we want them to be happy, stimulated, confident and able to reach their full potential. 

We will ensure: · · · · · · That your child is in a safe, happy and stimulating environment at all times.

Discuss your child’s day, morning or afternoon with you.

Keep you informed with regular newsletters and notices.

Inform you through the use of Seesaw about your child’s day and the types of activities they have experienced.

Provide your child with a key person who will be responsible for your child’s assessments, planning and parent meetings to discuss your child’s progress.

We ask that you: · · · · · · · · · · Send your child to Pre-School for their allocated sessions.

Ensure that your child arrives and is collected on time.

Where possible let us know if your child cannot attend Pre School. Inform us of any illness, injury or injections your child may have had.

Tell us if you have any worries or concerns.

Name your child’s belongings.

Pay your fees promptly, not allowing arrears to accumulate.

Notify us immediately of any changes in home life circumstances, address or telephone numbers.

Inform us if you are planning to take your child on holiday.


We hope we have covered all the information you will need. If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to contact


Advice on isolation for children's illnesses