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Charlotte receives 'St Johns Councillor's Good Citizen' Award! Jan 2022

We are delighted that Charlotte in Year 5 has been presented with the 'St John’s Councillor’s Good Citizens' award. Charlotte is only the second ever recipient of this award and we are so proud of her efforts in litter collecting around St John’s as well as encouraging others to do the same.

It was great to see lots of Charlotte’s family as well as two of her friends come along to support her on this special occasion. Charlotte’s mum has set up a Facebook group on Charlotte’s behalf to encourage others to join this very worthwhile cause. Search for ‘Charlottes litter warriors.’

SDG Committee lead collective worship 7/12/21

The SDG Committee met to discuss how we could promote recycling across school. First they campaigned for a new compost bin, then they relabelled all of the bins in school and finally delivered a collective worship, educating the children about where their recycling goes. The children reflected on how they can reduce waste and recycle and took action immediately!


Picture News inspiring disposing of mask posters

As part of our Picture News Collective Worship, we discussed how the use of disposable face masks was damaging the environment. Our courageous advocates then went home and designed posters to help advertise to our community how to dispose of masks correctly.

School Council creating 'St Clement's Food Bank'

After being inspired by the SDG goal 'No poverty', the School Council decided to set up 'St Clement's Food Bank'. They wrote to the Head of School to explain their thoughts, then contacted the local food bank. Over 250 food items were donated and there are many more to come over the year. The children loved packing the van and hearing about where all the food will be distributed.